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FAQ: Collecting Inspo Pics

Where should I look for pictures?

Great resources for pictures are Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz 

I love looking at interior design photos but the other decision makers on my project could care less, is their opinion really important? 

Yes! Please be sure to review pictures ahead of our meeting so we have clear direction to work with. You may also find this deep dive helpful for discussing the vision you both have for the space and there is less confusion or decision making down the line 


What types of things do you want us to be thinking about when selecting photos?

The purpose is to get a feel for what you like, color, pattern, form, functionality, as well as what you don't like! Find photos that you love and gravitate towards even if you are not sure why (or the opposite).


Help I can't find the dining room picture of my dreams what do I do?

You don't need to show us dining rooms just for dining rooms or family rooms just for family rooms - a lot of times we will use inspiration from one type of space for another.


I love fashion and know nothing about interior design I don't know if I can find relevant pics

Pictures don't need to just be rooms/spaces - share anything that interests you - art, fashion, landscapes etc --- if you like a color, shape, style - please include them. 


Will you be sharing photos with us during this session?

This session is all about you! We don't share pictures of our work during this meeting, this is a conscious decision as our goal is exploratory and we are there to listen and learn while 'reading between the lines'. Our job is to uncover the nuggets that you may not have even realized are there, that's what helps us create the unique 'aha' spaces our clients love.  You can certainly pull pics from our instagram or from other designers that we follow.   If you are having trouble articulating an idea during this meeting than we may share some pictures as a follow up to ensure we are understanding your vision correctly.

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